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The purpose of an event such as this is to develop your weaving skills and continue to learn – new techniques, new materials, or new patterns. In order to learn new things, you must “stretch” yourself a bit. So, choose your classes with those aims in mind. At the same time, be reasonable - the middle of an advanced class is no time for remedial instruction.

BEGINNER - Little or no weaving experience with the material being used. These classes are just for folks who are more or less new to basket weaving or still need to hone skills. You may have already made a couple of baskets, but your basic skills need defining and developing. You may want to branch out by trying a different type of construction or materials.

BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE- Still a beginner but ready for something more challenging.

INTERMEDIATE - Skilled at basic techniques with material being used. Most weavers who have made several baskets of differing styles and materials will fall into this group. Your basic skills are already developed. Choose classes from this level that will allow you to fine tune a particular skill, or work on developing another. Perhaps you might choose one that offers many different styles of weaving within the same project. Or, if you are just looking for something that piques your interest, pick a class with a unique twist on construction or materials. This level is also recommended for students who may be more advanced in other areas, but have not made a basket of a particular style or worked with a particular type of material.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED- Still an intermediate weave but ready to try something more challenging.

ADVANCED – Master of all skills and ready to try new techniques, fibers, shaping and creative methods. These classes are for weavers whose skills are already developed in many areas. You are able to handle almost all types of constructions and materials. You are looking for those challenging projects. Remember that you may have knowledge and great skill in one area, and yet be lacking in another area. So, if you pick advanced classes, be sure that class is within your purview.

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