Tidewater Basketry Guild Recipes

TBG Chef Maren Starling

Bulghur Wheat Salad

Servings 8

Preparation Time: 0:30

Amount Measure Ingredient Preparation

1 Cup Uncooked Bulghur Wheat (cracked wheat)
3 Each Tomatoes chopped fine
½ Bunch Parsley chopped fine
1 Bunch Scallions (green tops included) chopped fine
2 Each Large Peeled Cucumbers seeded and chopped
½ Cup Salad oil
½ Each Lemon, juice of
2 Teaspoons Salt
Taste Pepper

Suggested Wine: Any Red

Serving Ideas: Can be served as a salad or as a main meal.

Notes: Soak cracked wheat in water for 30 minutes; drain well.Combine all ingredients and let set overnight in refrigerator; serve on a bed of lettuce.

Bulghur wheat can be purchased in bulk at The Fresh Market at Hilltop in Virginia Beach.