Convention Tips...

With the North Carolina Annual Convention coming up, our members who have been to conventions in the past have lots of wisdom to pass on to those of us "Newbies". So below we will be giving out many tips for you to make your convention experience a great one!

  • Take a cooler with drinks, water and snacks. Quicker and much cheaper than the hotel machines.
  • Take something to make a quick sandwich, Peanut Butter, jelly, etc for the days you don't have time to go through the restaurant line.
  • Eat at Briggs for some of the best food in Raleigh.(Laura White)
  • When they say cash in the pattern room that's exactly what they mean-dollar bills not checks.
  • Teacher's marketplace will take checks, I have known people to get to NCBA without enough checks and most of the marketplace folks there don't take cards either. Nobody ever has enough money (unless they've won the lottery).
  • Clean out your tool bag before you go to a convention. If you take a look at your class schedule you can pretty much decide what is needed. If you're not taking a market type basket or something that specifically calls for it leave the spoke weights behind, If not at home at least in the room. It's a distance from the rooms to the class rooms and things get pretty heavy. You don't need every pair of cutters and packing tool you have. Select them with a view to the basket. If you get there without something you desperately need you can usually borrow one or failing that buy another. Those of you familiar with my studio will know that I think having two (or more) of everything is not a bad thing.(Billie Dorris)
  • Dress, they usually send info on this but dress in layers. That big class room can be cold or hot-at the same time.
  • If you have a good supply of patterns and books make a list before you go. Purchases in the pattern room are NOT returnable and all of us have bought multiples of the same pattern.
  • After you buy patterns take a bit of time (in the room is best) and read through them to see if there are supplies needed that you will never find anywhere else and buy them there.
  • Check all kits to make sure everything is there.
  • Unless they are offering a really good deal or something you can't find anywhere else many supplies (esp. reed) are not cheaper. Yes you have to pay shipping if you order but $2 a lb. or more per pound of reed you can pay a lot of shipping.
  • To save a lot of heartburn trying to remember if you paid your NC dues save one check and renew at Convention. They have a box and applications available. Yes, you're renewing a little earlier than necessary but that is better than having to pay a late fee when you forget.
  • Make a list before you go of supplies or patterns that you would like to look for and stock up on. Going into the vendor area is kind of like going into Wal Mart on a halfway busy day. You can easily become distracted.(Jamie VanOekel)
  • Some of the vendors like Royalwood have a special every day of the convention. Specials like tools, waxed linen, etc. So be on the lookout for the "Special Of The Day", they will be posted.(Ella Mae King)

  • Thank you to Billie Dorris, Ella Mae King, Jamie VanOekel and Laura White for providing us with the great tips. See you in North Carolina!

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